EEFA has a stock of the ‘Diversity Game’ and the book ‘Sharing our Stories’ which were originally produced for the Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource and it is making these and other materials available to any group which elects to participate in the project.

If you would like to participate in this project, please contact Andrew Benedict who will arrange for you to receive copies of all the materials you will need to take part.

In outline, EEFA is looking for ways in which to

1. Provide opportunities throughout the country for people to play Diversity during Inter Faith Week,

2. Make copies of “Sharing our Stories” generally available and encourage people, in the light of its frontispiece of the “Walking Madonna” outside Salisbury Cathedral to set out to make contact with people of different faiths or none and to record and describe the encounters.

We very much hope that all faith communities will support this project.

To obtain copies of the game and book,

please email