The East of England Faiths Agency operates five Web Sites.
Each web site is intended to serve a particular purpose.

The Main EEFA Web Site
 relates to issues connected with the management of EEFA and the services it provides.

The Regional Web Site
is a resource of information for inter faith groups and other institutions
in the East of England Region.

The Schools Web Site
gives contact details of individuals and faith centres who offer faith specific services.  It is also a resource of material which can be used to enhance the teaching experience.

The Faiths and Spirituality Network Web Site
offers information of a more individualistic nature.

The Staging Posts Web Site
introduces our game and offers an on-line opportunity to try it out.

EEFA is a community interest company accountable to Directors from around the East of England Region.

Community Interest Company Registration Number: 6046834 Registered in England and Wales.  Web site:       Email: