THE LANGUAGE OF FAITH.                         Tutor: Professor Vanda Broughton

The language of religions is a particularly fascinating subject.  In no other area is there such variation in the meaning (and the understanding of meaning) of common terms and ideas.  Language, which should be a way of expressing and sharing belief, can too often be a barrier to communication.  Sacred texts are one of the richest sources of core beliefs, but translations sometimes fail to reveal the full subtlety and meaning of the original language.

We shall examine a selection of key themes as they occur in different faiths and in different languages and consider the similarities and differences between them.   We shall also look at some difficult or puzzling words and phrases in religious texts and explore their original languages and cultures to gain more understanding of what they might mean.


The Language of Faith

Tuesdays 11 Sept. 9 Oct. 13 Nov. 11 Dec. 3.00pm to 4.00pm