We are currently developing courses, for which we are negotiating validation by West Suffolk College.


Now running

Faith in diversity: Cultural Sensitivity and Spiritual Care.


The Multi-Faith Centre, 47 St Helen’s Street, Ipswich, IP4 2JL
(This course may be repeated at other venues around Suffolk)

Aim of this course

To develop a deeper understanding of how our different cultures and religious traditions impact on care given and received.

Learning outcomes

To have gained a greater awareness of the diversity of society in East Anglia;
To be able to differentiate between religion, culture and spirituality;
To have established why religio-cultural competence is necessary for patient/client care;
To have recognised that everyone has a spiritual identity whether or not they are “religious”.


People who would benefit from this course include those involved in caring roles, community safety officers, youth workers, faith leaders, pastoral assistants.


This course will be grounded in participants’ contexts and draw on their experiences.  Basic information will be communicated mostly through interaction and dialogue.  Learners will be provided with a student pack, including 2 course handbooks, and will receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the course.  They may be able to achieve credits for work submitted.


In preparation.

Religious Literacy, Contemporary Values and Ethical Issues.

Aim of the course

To develop a deeper understanding of the religious traditions which are present in our increasingly diverse society and to become better equipped to build meaningful relationships with it.

Learning outcomes

To understand key terms such as theology, spirituality, philosophy, ethics, secularism.
To be able to describe and evaluate the role religion and spirituality play in modern society.
To be able to explain, compare and contrast different traditions and life stances.
To be able to explain ways in which religions may be in tension with each other and with secular society.



Currently running

The Language of Faith – a study of significant words and concepts in various religious traditions.

Staging Posts on the Journey of Life – conversations and reflections  stimulated by playing our latest game.



Spiritual Care in Residential Homes

Having completed an initial study in 3 Suffolk Care Homes in partnership with others, we are now following this up with informal research in other residential homes


There is a growing awareness of the deep spiritual needs of people at all stages of life whether or not they describe themselves as religious and this is reflected in the attention being paid to this area within mental health care and also with regard to the needs of the elderly.  We hope that people will respond to the opportunities we are now able to offer, which recognise that issues of faith and culture need to be addressed and that spirituality is a dimension of life which lies at the heart of existence and is not a “tack on” topic!