imported 210812 053.jpgOPEN THE BOX!

We have had boxes of artefacts in the Inter-Faith Centre for some time. These have been available for loan to schools and other organisations but now we have the opportunity to give serious consideration to the contents and how they should be presented.

We realise that while it is important for children to become familiar with the objects which are important to people of faith, it is easy for them to misunderstand their significance. This project is an opportunity for your pupils to take the lead in exploring what is in the various boxes and to give us their reactions, insights and suggestions.

We would also value your comments on the contents. We have tried to convey that there is diversity within faiths as well as between faiths but achieving this is only possible to a certain extent and more thought needs to be given on how to get the balance right. We also want pupils to appreciate that there are people from all these faiths, and other faiths too, living in Suffolk, and it is possible to meet them and to visit their places of worship.

Please can you check the contents of your box against the list before you use it with the children, to make sure that we have not slipped up in our recording. If there are any problems, please let us know.

The Open the Box Consultant for EEFA is Liz Bennett ( )



List of Faith Boxes available for loan










The boxes are loaned on the understanding that their contents are treated with respect when in use and are carefully packed in the box they came in when they are returned to EEFA.


Open the Box Hire Charges
(The boxes are to be collected from and returned by arrangement with Liz Bennett)

Hire Charge - £10.00 per half term plus a returnable deposit of £30.00




Books and artefacts

“Leaders of Religion” book by Dilwyn Hunt

School worship file on Buddhism

A stupa and wooden base

A statue of the meditating Buddha (brown)

A statue of the earth-touching Buddha (white)

Standing Buddha

Reclining Buddha

Set of 6 small lucky Buddhas

A statue of Bu Dai / Po Tai

Thangka Wall hanging (Medicine Buddha)

Tibetan Prayer/Meditation Wheel

Sri-Lankan Monk’s saffron robe-(Theravada Buddhism)

Prayer Flags

Prayer beads

Lotus flower

Cushion cover of wheel symbol

Incense Sticks

Incense Stick Holder

Incense Bowl (soapstone)

7 metal bowls

Prayer book and beads in pouch (SGI)

Singing bowl/bell and “Inviter” in green box (SGI)

Gongyo CD (SGI)

A3 blue plastic wallet with 3 A3 posters

A4 clear plastic wallet with 3 A4 posters

A5 clear plastic wallet with 12 A5 Faith Cards

A3 laminated SIFRE poster - Buddhism (from a set of 12 faiths)

A3 poster - Wheel of Life

A3 laminated poster - The Golden Rule

A4 laminated poster - monks and nuns celebrating Wesak.

A4 laminated poster - Tibetan monk with prayer wheel

A4 laminated poster - 2 Buddhist girls preparing to become nuns.

A5 Set of 12 Faith Cards (from SIFRE Diversity Game)


Plastic file containing background information and pictures

Open the Box teacher’s information booklet

Features, poses and gestures of the Buddha

Buddha and the lotus flower

Information on Theravada, Mahayana, Japanese and Tibetan Buddhism

Information about Bu dai

Photo of John le Grys, past Mayor of Ipswich with representatives of some local Buddhist groups – Tri Ratna, SGI, Society of Inter-Being and Ekamuthuwa

Shakya and Barnaby – young Buddhists

Information about Tibetan prayer wheel and stupa

Information on SGI objects

Useful websites

Focus on Buddhism – leaflet by Helen Matter




Plain wooden cross on a stand “The Empty Cross”

A large metal cross of Jesus (Crucifix)

The San Damiano crucifix (Assisi)

A Palm Cross

A pottery chalice and paten

2 Priest’s wafers and 2 small communion wafers in plastic envelope

Altar Candle

Pascal Candle         

A Baptismal candle

Two votive lights

3 Priests’ stoles

An Icon of Jesus

A wooden diptych (one icon of Mary with the baby Jesus and the other of Jesus).

Statue of Mary and Baby Jesus

A blue rosary

Holy Bible King James Version (Blue) Taken from the SIFRE Library

Good News Bible (Brown)

New Testament and Psalms (Gideon’s NIV-New International Version)

A Child’s Old Testament

A Child’s Bible New Testament

Book of Common Prayer

The Holy Eucharist

Hymns Ancient and Modern

Hymns Old and New

Christian Buildings

Booklet -The Holy Rosary illustrated

Pack of 12 Bible Stories



Posters, pictures and other resources

SIFRE laminated poster on Christianity (from a set of 12 faiths)

Lighting the Advent Candle

Christingle poster and Christingle service sheet

Set of Nativity Finger Puppets

2 Christmas Cards

2 Easter Cards

A Baptismal remembrance certificate

Baptismal Card

Certificate of Baptism

Wedding Pack (wedding day card, 2 orders of service and 4 posters-

Wedding couple and a Priest in Church (in wedding pack)

Poster of ring being put on finger (in wedding pack)

Poster of wedding group outside Church (in wedding pack)

Poster of couple leaving Church with rose petals being thrown (in wedding pack)

A Fish Harvest at Billingsgate East London

Sympathy Card

A Christian at St Lucia

Two A 3 posters of Jesus laminated

Cards of the Holy Sepulchre and Eye Church

A Salvation Army DVD on the earth and its resources

A CD of sing along music

The Golden Rule for Christianity laminated

A red tambourine and a skin drum tambourine




Bhagavad Gita

AUM (OM) symbol

A little green pot holder (with swastika) and a little candle

Incense Sticks

Ganesh (3 inch statue in red box)

Little model of Shiva

Conch shell

Jappa beads

Meditation shawl

Gayatri Mantra wall hanging

5 Diwali Cards

Brass Pooja Set

Hinduism for schools book – suitable for teachers

Primary Hinduism book – suitable for pupils

Hinduism Today journal

A3 blue plastic wallet containing 13 A3 posters

A4 clear plastic wallet 1 containing 8 laminated pictures

A4 clear plastic wallet 2 containing 12 numbered pictures of deities with accompanying text on reverse

A5 wallet containing 12 Faith Cards from SIFRE Diversity game

A4 plastic general background information file

Open the Box – A5 teacher’s booklet

Services for schools  - A5 teacher’s booklet

Hindu worship

How to make a tiny model of a Hindu shrine

Photo of women preparing “Rangoli”

Photo of Indian dancing

Photo of celebration of Holi

Photo of destruction of effigy of Ravan at end of Dusshera (10 day festival preceding Divali)

List of Hindu festivals

Photos of local Hindus in the Mandir in Ipswich

Web-sites and contact addresses


13 Posters/pictures in A3 blue wallet

A3 Krishna

A3 Krishna pantheon with gods and goddesses

A3 Young Krishna on blue background

A3 The Sacred Cow

A3 Vishnu

A3 Lakshmi and Vishnu

A3 Shiva

A3 Surya

A3 Story of Rama and Sita in 2 parts (laminated)

A3 Hindu Values

A3 Golden Rule for Hinduism

A3 SIFRE Hinduism poster (from set of 12)

A4 Sacred threads ceremony

A4 Brother and Sister celebrating Rasksha Bandham

A4 Hindu Festival of Ratha Yatra

A4 Shiva devotee

3 pictures of Neasden temple

Poster of OM (AUM)

1 Brahma; 2 Vishnu; 3 Shiva; 4 Shakti; 5 Krishna; 6 Rama;

7 Hanuman; 8 Lakshmi; 9 Sarasvati; 10 Ganesh; 11 Skanda; 12 Surya.



Two conjuror’s tricks -  a ‘vernet’ or thumb tip and a pack of tapered playing cards.

Two fossils

A golden ruler

A microscope

A telescope

A DVD of Science and Belief: The Big Issues (2 discs)

A DVD Titled Growing up in the Universe. Richard Dawkins. ) The Royal Institution Lectures for Children. 2 discs) “Science as epiphany!”


A teapot

Green folder of articles


Pictures and details of people who are Humanists or who have contributed significantly to Humanist thinking





A Prayer Mat with qibla and information

A Qur’an

A Qur’an Stand

Man’s head covering

Lady’s head scarf

Laminated Arabic Alphabet

A plaque of the word Allah in Arabic

A plaque of the word Muhammad in Arabic

A plaque of the Ka’aba at Mecca surrounded by Arabic calligraphy

An Eid card

A call to prayer cassette

Information on how to conduct Salah



A Great friend of Children

Islamic Stories

Growing Up in Islam

The Basic principles of Islam

A brief illustrated guide to understanding Islam

Opening up Islam

Exploring Islam

Understanding Islam Magazine


SIFRE laminated poster on Islam (from a set of 12 faiths)

A poster on worship

Children on the Hajj (pilgrimage)

The Golden Rule for Islam laminated

Large poster of 5 pillars of Islam

A4 Eid ul Adha at Regent@s Park Mosque

A4 Madrassa

A4 Hajis in pilgrim clothes

A4 A woman in an abaya

A4 A man’s hat –Kufi

A4 A woman wearing a hijab

Plastic file containing background information




A Gregger (rattle)

Tallit and information on the Tallit

2 candlestick holders and candles

2 Dreidels and information on Hannukah game

A Menorah

A Seder Plate

A Small Torah

4 Rites of passage cards (new baby, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, and Bat Mitzvah)

1 copy of “A Jewish Way of life” (CD ROM)

A bag of kippahs (skull caps) (12)

A Havdalah candle


A copy of what is in the Mezuzah (in Hebrew)

Copy of the Shema Translation

A Shema photopack and teacher’s notes (6 Photos.)

A Shofar

A Hannukiah a nine-branched candlestick

Cards for Jewish festivals pack (Passover, Hannukkah, New Year.)

Recipes for Passover

Hebrew Aleph Bet Stencil (Alaphabet stencil)

DVD Side by Side

A wine goblet and saucer



Exploring Judaism

My Pesach

Who knows one? (A book of Jewish numbers) by Yaffa Ganz

The 8 nights of Hanukah (little book)



Posters and Pictures

SIFRE laminated poster on Judaism (from a set of 12 faiths)

An A4 picture of a Tallit and Kippah

An A4 picture of a Torah Scroll

An A3 laminated poster of Shabbat artefacts?

A picture of Sukkot (Assembly file)

Notes to go with the posters in the blue pack

CEM colour posters pack (Havdalah, Wedding, Sukkot, Hannukiah, Shabbat, Synagogue.)

A laminated poster of the Torah being read with the YAD

A laminated poster of a Havdalah candle holder

A laminated poster of a wine goblet and saucer

A laminated poster of a challah cloth

A laminated poster of challah loaves.

A laminated copy of the Golden Rule for Judaism




Green cloth

Earthenware goblet



Small earthenware bowl for water

Vase for flowers

Moon candle holder

Sun disc

Knife in sheath

Hazel stave

Hazel rod

Pine cones

Small standing stone

Shells (2 large, 2 or 3 small ones)

Chrystal, amber, stone


Rune brooch

Green man necklace

Earthenware plate


A3 laminated poster on Paganism

A4 laminated poster on midsummer celebration

A4 Woden and Freya photo

A5 card “You are a Pagan “

4 small photos (Pagan with Green Man, Pagan summer solstice ritual, Pagan hand-fasting ceremony, sunflowers)



Green man booklet

Sacred spaces SIFRE booklet (staff use)

Paganism SIFRE booklet (staff use)

Notes on Paganism in plastic file (staff use)

Plastic folder on the mythology and lore of trees walk in Thornham woods.

Plastic file of background information


Index to plastic file of background information

Open the Box

Curriculum enhancement – EEFA leaflet




Information on RE web-sites and contact addresses




Figure of Guru Nanak

Figure of Guru Gobind Singh

Metal Bowl for Kara Prashad

Triangle Flag

Ik Onkar (Ik means One and Onkar means God)

Metal Khanda

DVD of the opening of the Sikh temple in Ipswich

Wedding Garland

A set of prayer beads (to be added later)

Orange head covering

Piece of orange turban material and instructions on how to tie it.

4 of the 5 K’s (a dagger (Kirpan) and a black holder, small comb (Kanga) and small bangle (Kara) and a pair of shorts. (Kaacha)

2 head coverings for ladies



Learning the Sikh Way

CEM Sikhism Pack

Sikhism (A Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource A4 Booklet)

The Sikhs.( Stories from Sikh History)

Sikh Spirit

Guru Nanak for Children.



A3 laminated poster of the Golden Rule for Sikhs (in blue wallet)

A3 laminated poster on Sikhism - from a SIFRE set of 12 Faiths – (in blue wallet)

A3 poster Prayer for meal times (in blue wallet)

A3 poster Fundamental prayer (in blue wallet)

A3 poster Amritsar (ib =n blue wallet)

A3 poster of the 10 Guru (in blue wallet)s

A4 poster of the Baisakhi Flag Ceremony (in transparent wallet)

A4 picture of a Sikh (in transparent wallet)s

A5 set of 12 Faith Cards from SIFRE Diversity Game

Black plastic file containing background information and pictures


Index to plastic file of background information

Open the Box

Curriculum enhancement – SIFRE/EEFA schools leaflet

Sikhism Booklet prepared by SIFRE

A5 leaflet on Sikhism(unfolded)

A4 picture of a Granthi readin g the Guru Granth Sahib

Information on RE web-sites and contact addresses