This is a dramatic experience for Primary School children offering them the chance to meet biblical characters in tableaux. A "tent" is erected in your school or church hall for the day and pupils enter the hall in groups to listen and talk to storytellers who are dressed in appropriate costumes.  Stories available so far:

OTT1 - The birth of Jesus a Christian story
OTT1 is performed in schools in the Autumn Term usually around Advent.

OTT2 -The life of Moses from Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions.
OTT2 will be performed in the Spring and Summer Terms.

OTT3 - The story of Rama and Sita from Hindu traditions

Schools will need to provide a large hall for the whole day plus 5 hours the day before for setting up and 3 hours after the performance for the clearing away.

We ask for a suggested donation of 50 to cover expenses.

The Open the Tent Consultant for EEFA is Liz Bennett (